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Product Launch: Ranomics BRCA1 RING-Domain Variant Database

Ranomics, a Toronto based biotech startup with a mission to resolve Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS) in genetic testing results, launches Ranomics RING-Domain today. Ranomics RING domain is a first-in-class database of functional studies for 2,000 variants of BRCA1, a commonly mutated gene in hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. The database will hugely impact VUS resolution and variant classification efforts in the genomics industry, as approximately sixty percent of all genetic tests for hereditary cancers identify a VUS, which can lead to inconclusive test results and severely impair patient care.

With the goal of assessing the cellular consequences of all variants of hereditary cancer genes before they are seen in patients, Ranomics is first to provide genetic testing companies with functional study results for variant classification. Using wet lab assays, Ranomics’ functional studies provide a more robust understanding for unique and rare genetic variants compared to predictive software algorithms and family-tree testing. Once Ranomics tests the functionality of each variant, the result is catalogued in Ranomics’ database to provide information about the pathogenicity of the variant.

To make functional studies readily available to clinical labs and genetic testing companies, Ranomics has compiled functional variant data for 2,000 BRCA1 variants, which is now available through its own web application as well as third party API channels. Each dataset includes a variant report documenting a calculated functional score and suggested pathogenic/benign classification for the variant. The database is priced at $100 per variant on a pay-as-you-go plan with additional bulk-subscription options available.

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