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Ranomics Partners With Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) To Classify Variants of Unknown Significance

BGI, global leader in genomics research and clinical applications, is actively using functional studies data provided by biotech startup, Ranomics, for gene variant classification. Ranomics’ database offers experimental data about genetic Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS), providing new insights into the function of VUS in model organisms. Following the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants, and in combination with its multiple gene sequencing platforms, BGI plans to leverage Ranomics’ database to classify variants of susceptibility genes in Chinese high-risk breast cancer patients.

“For mutation carriers in Chinese population, the mutation spectrum and risk of incidence may be diļ¬€erent from the western population. So it is necessary to analyze the mutation spectrum of Chinese patients with hereditary breast cancer, in order to develop preventive methods,” indicates Yong Hou, Deputy Director of BGI Research, “The role of pathogenic variants in breast cancer is clear, but the VUS’s function in breast cancer risk is still undefined. In order to have an effective prevention and therapy for hereditary breast cancer, it is necessary to classify VUS as pathogenic or benign.”

BGI is committed to interpreting all variants in their studied population and to reclassifying any mutation that has sufficient new evidence. Through partnering with Ranomics, BGI plans to expand the scope of its research to cover VUS of BRCA1, TP53 and CHEK2 genes which are commonly identified in Chinese patients of high-risk breast cancer.

About Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)
BGI was founded in 1999 as a nonprofit research organization. Over the years, BGI has grown into a multinational organization with significant global operations. With more than 5,000 employees across the globe and R&D, manufacturing, and commercial operations around the world, BGI provides solutions to the research, pharmaceutical, and clinical markets. In early 2013, BGI acquired Complete Genomics, Inc. (CGI), a California-based sequencing technology company. BGI launched a new proprietary desktop high-throughput next-gen sequencer BGISEQ-500 in 2015.

About Ranomics
Toronto-based Ranomics is committed to resolving VUS in genetic testing results. Earlier this year, the company launched Ranomics RING-Domain, a database of internally conducted high-throughput functional studies of 2,000 potential mutations in BRCA1, one of the most commonly mutated genes in breast and ovarian cancers.

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