Ranomics Custom Lab Services

Multi-site Saturation Mutagenesis

Ranomics provides its partners with a standalone gene mutagenesis service. Our one-of-a-kind process creates DNA variant libraries for any targeted region in your gene or an the entire gene.

Our production process is flexible and scalable. There is no limit on target length and GC% composition. Additionally, we provide greater diversity compared to single-site saturation mutagenesis or targeted single site mutagenesis.

Ranomics offers per-mutation and custom pricing for its mutagenesis services. Quotes are based on size of the gene as well as the number of mutations required. Prices start at $2,000 (US).

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Custom Functional Assay

Ranomics provides its partners with access to its two step proprietary, high-throughput variant synthesis and analysis platform. This platform generates, screens, and determine the functional impact of thousands of nucleotide mutations.

  1. Experimental Design
  2. High Throughput Experimentation & Validation

Our R&D team have expertise in design and conducting high throughput assays in a wide range of organisms and cell models.

Ranomics offers custom pricing for its functional study service. Quotes are based on the complexity of assay design and the usage of different organisms and models.

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