Ranomics was founded on one core principle: to improve understanding of human genetics for the betterment of patient health and wellness. Our core strength is to create, test and access genetic changes cost-effectively and quickly.


Ranomics is building the world's first comprehensive knowledgebase of functionally-characterized genetic variants to help determine their role in disease development and treatment.

Even in the absence of established clinical evidence, knowing the impact that a genetic variant has on its protein’s biological function can provide strong evidence to support classification. By determining the functional impact of every missense variant in known disease-causing genes, we’re equipping clinical laboratories and healthcare organizations with the information they need to accurately assess the pathogenicity of novel and rare variants.

Ranomics Knowledgebase

The Ranomics knowledgebase is a cloud-based catalog of information on the functional impact of missense variants in cancer genes. See whether your variant of interest is functional or non-functional with our simple search interface, or upload a VCF to automatically append functional evidence to the variants in your list.

Auto-Annotation Plugin

Extend the functionality of your in-house or commercial variant interpretation system with a direct connection to the Ranomics knowledgebase. This simple platform integration pulls our functional evidence directly into your bioinformatics pipeline to automatically annotate variants as they are seen.


Apply stronger evidence to every variant classification

Every variant in the Ranomics knowledgebase is assigned a simple "functional" or "non-functional" designation to provide a uniform nomenclature that you can apply to any standardized classification framework, including the 2015 ACMG/AMP guidelines.

Understand a variant’s impact even if it’s never been seen before

Even if a variant has never been clinically reported or published, Ranomics provides you with evidence that’s acquired in a representative in vitro model of its functional activity, then statistically and clinically validated to ensure accuracy.

Eliminate time wasted on fruitless database searches

Ranomics reduces the time you spend searching PubMed and Google for literature with comprehensive functional evidence on every missense variant in hereditary cancer genes like BRCA1 and TP53, whether novel, rare, or commonly-seen.

Acquire institutional expertise in new disease areas faster

The Ranomics knowledgebase gives you access to functional evidence on high, medium, and low-penetrance variants, so your lab can quickly gain gene-specific expertise to increase the breadth and depth of your disease testing areas.


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